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Love Station, light up the light of humanity in the city -- Warmly congratulate the new material "Love Station" officially opened!

2024/01/04 13:59

Cold can be warm, hot can be cool, tired can rest, injured can be medicated", at 9 o 'clock on September 7, the "Love station" prepared by the Party branch of Zuxing New Materials was officially unveiled and opened. The leaders of the Party Committee of the High-tech Zone, the Ningxiang Tax Bureau, the chairman of the Chairman of the new material and the members of the party, labor and league participated in the unveiling ceremony.




In order to further implement the two new working committees of the Municipal Party Committee on the development of the "learning 20 new journey striving to strengthen the provincial capital" as the theme of a series of activities, in order to provide love and help to sanitation workers and logistics drivers as much as possible and pass on positive energy, the "love station" of Zuxing new materials for 4 months is finally presented in front of everyone with its new look.



Tired can take a nap, thirsty can drink a glass of water, hope that the "love station" of Zuxing can always play its original intention and function, cool down the workers, help the city love to heat up, and provide full love and care for sanitation workers and logistics drivers.